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 I think it is only fitting that the first person to post a comment attesting to the fact that Chantell is the perfect person to support and assist you in this most unbelievable and exhausting journey, is her husband.

 I have been blessed to be married to Chantell for 19 wonderful years. Through this time, I have witnessed her many strengths and vulnerabilities which have made her the wonderful mother, wife, and friend you read about today. Like other men having their first child, I was scared beyond belief! I couldn't stop myself from picturing every bad thing that could happen during this process. Was Chantell's health at risk? Was I going to be a good father? Would I faint in the delivery room? Would the baby be born with two heads...

 I can't say the fears went away completely, but with my wife's education, guidance, patience, and  loving reassurance, they were lessened considerably. There are many more options and choices available today for parents-to-be than there were when we started having children and Chantell is the perfect person to support you on your new and exciting journey.


Craig  Simmons

Chantell was wonderful.  From the first time we met, she was easy to approach, warm, open, and honest - which I always appreciate!  We hit it off and it was easy for me to put my trust in her and her knowledge.

  Throughout Jackson's birth, from beginning to end (and trust me, it was a long journey!), she was in my corner.   Nothing went as planned for my husband and I!  Jackson decided to enter our world one month early via c-section after what seemed like an eternity (okay, only 43 hours after my water broke!) while my husband was out of town.  Because of all these unforeseeable circumstances, we weren't as prepared as we had all hoped  and although we hadn't even finished our prenatal sessions with Chantell, she is the one who took me to the hospital in the wee hours of the morning. 

 From there, she was my biggest cheerleader and support.  Regardless of all our obstacles, she was confident and calm.  Thank god SHE was calm, because having someone to depend on made a huge difference in my experience, which was anything but ideal! 

 Although we didn't have everything work out according to our plan and Chantell didn't get to be a part of Jackson's birth in the way we had hoped, my experience with her made all the difference in how I feel about the birth of my son today.  I am proud and lucky to have been her first birth and we will always have a special place in our hearts for her.  Thank You Thank You Thank You!

Kristy, Trevor & Baby Jackson               

 I have been blessed to have Chantell as part of my life for the last 27 years. She is a thoughtful, caring, thorough person and really goes above and beyond to make the birth experience and everything else in her life a special event.

 Chantell has been a calming influence many times in my life.  I was lucky enough to have her be a part of my three births. The first, as a young single mother, scared and unsure of what to expect... Chantell was my calming source.

  She has experience beyond her years, and will always go the extra mile. She wears her heart on her sleeve and understands what it is like to be in someone else's place.   She is a caring, loving and nurturing wife, mother and best friend.  It is an honor to have her be a part of mine and my children's lives.


Christine Mason

I have had the pleasure of knowing Chantell for over 15 years now! She possesses all of the qualities that a great Doula should have. She is caring and gentle, organized, punctual and an initiator.  

She always adds little personal touches or goes the extra mile, not to mention that she has a true passion for helping others in life and through pregnancy and childbirth.  These are some of her great attributes and I am proud to call her my friend.

 Dana Richard

  Chantell, thank you so much for everything that you have done for us. You were INCREDIBLE at the birth of our son Kaelan.

 During labor you were very intuitive in knowing what I needed to make me more comfortable, offering suggestions on different labor positions for pain management and doing whatever you thought I would benefit from.

As labor progressed, you were there giving me strength and keeping my spirits up with encouraging words during my unforseeable delayed medication. You definitely made my birth a whole lot easier!

 I would also like to thank you for the beautiful pictures you took of the entire experience and of our precious son. Thank you for the wonderful birth story that you made for us, we shared it with all of our family and close friends.

We were all very lucky to have you there Chantell (especially me) and we will be forever grateful for all the love and support you gave to us during this wonderful experience.
Thank you,
Kemi Nordhagen

knew the moment I met Chantell that we were a perfect match.  Although I did not have the opportunity to utilize all of her services, as I had a scheduled caesarean, I would recommend her to anyone!  

Chantell's dedication to a profession that she loves so much really shines through, and even post partum Chantell has been there to support me.

I feel she has gone above and beyond for us, and I am so happy I chose to have a doula (Chantell) as part of my birth experience. 

Thank you so much,

Chantell was great, honest, open and really accommodated all of my requests the best she could. She was available to answer questions and took the time to educate herself in hypnobirthing when I was thinking that was the way I wanted to labor.

 When labor started and we called her she took no time at all to arrive at my home to support me. She really had a good reading of the environment at my daughter's birth and knew when to step in to give me support and when to stand back for time with my family.
 Chantell worked well next to my midwives and my family. Chantell is a very pleasant, kind and nurturing person. I'm really glad that I made the decision to hire her as my doula.

Heather Sharp

We have thought long and hard about how to properly put our experience with Chantell into words. Although many come to mind and are equally suitable, the best way we can describe it is that we were truly blessed. 

From the moment you meet Chantell, you are struck by how genuine she is. She embraces whatever plan suits your needs without judgment or bias, and truly gives her clients 100%.

 When I threatened preterm labour at 31 weeks, Chantell turned her cellphone on  and didn't turn it off until I delivered 8 weeks later! She was always available for questions and responded promptly to the many harried texts we sent her, without ever making us feel as though it was an imposition.

 She is a wonderful, knowledgeable resource who is incredibly passionate about her work.
On the day I delivered, she arrived at the hospital 10 minutes after we did, and supported me through every decision I made, including the decision to receive an epidural. She was my biggest cheerleader! When our daughter arrived, she took beautiful photos and helped immensely with breastfeeding and baby care. She even stayed at the hospital until we were settled on the postpartum unit. 

We were also excited to see Chantell again for her postpartum visit, when she delivered our incredible birth story, which is something we will always cherish. 
If you are looking for a doula who will provide professional information and support while treating you and your baby like family, we would highly recommend Chantell. 

Jacquie and Jeff Brady

Chantell helped me give birth to my first child, lovely June, my wonderful baby girl safely, naturally and as comfortably as possible.

Upon meeting Chantell for the first time, she struck me as someone who genuinely cares and truly loves what she does. She was very open about her values and open to hearing mine.
 Leading up to the big day, I was very busy so I appreciated Chantell contacting me on a regular basis to discuss updates and doctor's appointments even when I would forget.
She eased my mind and helped me to identify what was 'normal' a lot of the time so I didn't have to stress over things until the next prenatal appointment. 

The night my water broke, Chantell stayed up texting me guidance and reassurances every step of the way until it was time to go to the hospital. I went in a little prematurely, but she let me lead the entire way and never made me feel uncomfortable with my decisions.

 During the labour, Chantell never stopped. She constantly made sure I drank water, got me trying different positions (in the shower, on the ball, hands and knees over various structures) and I think for the entire 12 hours she didn't stop applying counter pressure to my hips through contractions!

Once baby June was born, she stayed around to ensure I was settled and comfortable and explained what to expect from June.  She helped me figure out breastfeeding and even came over after the fact to reassure me once again things were fine and gave me some advice to improve the situation. I appreciated having Chantell as part of my birth experience for so many different reasons, but most of all her kindness and encouragement got me my baby in my arms.

 I hit the wall I think 3 times and Chantell pushed, comforted, and encouraged me so I could give birth safely and naturally, the way I wanted to. Thank you so much Chantell! I couldn't imagine sharing that experience with anyone else. Anyone willing to try a Doula would be lucky to have her.

Melanie Hennig

 After meeting Chantell, we decided to hire her as our doula. She was engaging and knowledgeable and completely responsive to our expectations, questions and goals.

We sent many texts leading up to labor day and when I was freaking out and feeling helpless Chantell was 100% supportive and positive and gave me perfect advice to get me through each uncertain moment.

  The day our daughter was born, Chantell showed up at our house at 1 in the morning and sat in our living room like a little watch dog pouncing on every contraction.  She stayed with us for nearly 14 hours and helped guide us through every stage seamlessly.

Our goal was to have a natural birth without pain medications or an epidural. With Chantell supporting my husband and me, we were a team. Labor seemed totally manageable and pain killers never crossed my mind.

 I knew I could count on Chantell and her capable hands to help me through each contraction.  Her presence also left my husband calm and confident to care for me and to enjoy the experience. 

Chantell took great pictures for us to keep and wrote a beautiful summary of the birth.  I’m so glad Chantell was a part of our birth story.  She is so sweet and genuine; it was just a joy to have her be one of the first to meet our daughter.

Tylor, Chloe & Amelia Versteeg

From the very moment we met Chantell, it felt like we had known her forever. She was so open and easy to talk to and we felt comfortable asking her anything.

 Chantell was always available via email and phone and promptly responded to any questions that we had. When labour began, we kept Chantell on standby as there had been a couple of false alarms in the previous week, but she seemed to instinctively know when it was time to join us at the hospital.

 She arrived very soon after we did and immediately set out trying to make me more comfortable and help me through the process.  Although Chantell had just attended another birth the day before and had to have been exhausted, she was one hundred percent dedicated and made me feel so supported.

 When I thought I couldn't go any further and wanted an epidural, she gave me the strength to keep going and soon I was pushing and not too long after, we met our precious daughter. I would recommend anyone wanting extra support prior to and during labour to use Chantell's services.

Jennifer Flemming 

"I will forever be grateful for hiring Chantell to be my doula.  Her and I were a perfect match right from the start.  The moment her and I sat down for our first meeting, I felt calm.  Chantell is a wonderful, caring person who has definitely found her calling in life.

  Throughout my pregnancy and birth she was my rock - always there to give me support, give me a hug or her shoulder to cry on.

 My labour ended up being a very long ordeal with me being induced for 4 days, having my water broken by my doctor, reaching 10 cm, pushing for an hour and then finally,  being told I needed to have an emergency c-section.  Chantell was there through it all, not once leaving my side - I wanted her to go with me into the operating room for my c-section but only my husband was allowed in the room.  But she was there waiting when I returned to my room to help me with breastfeeding and to make sure I was okay before she finally left after a long, tiring day.  

I will recommend Chantell to any woman I meet who is having a baby.  She really does make the whole birthing process manageable and I know that I couldn't have handled everything as well as I did if it hadn't been for her.

Love, Julie Epple

The first time I met Chantell, I felt instantly comfortable with her and knew that she would work perfectly with me and the birth that I wanted. Then the unexpected happened and I had a miscarriage. Chantell was amazing and kept in contact with us over the next 7 months until we were lucky enough to get pregnant again. She was one of the first people that I told as I wanted to be sure that I could have her for this birth!

The actual labour at the hospital with Chantell was short, but that doesn’t mean she wasn’t worth every second. Before hand, she was available answering my texts and questions. I loved the sheets she gave us at our 37 week appointment that told us the stages of labour and what to expect.

She was so comforting during labour, trying to keep me calm and explaining to me what was happening. After the birth, again, she was explaining what was going on and taking some great first pictures with our daughter.  Chantell also wrote up our birth story from her perspective and it was wonderful as it included so much more than the actual birth. I will treasure this experience forever!!

Chantell is the aunt of my fiancé, and lucky for me, also a doula!
I knew before I even became pregnant the second time, that I wanted to have a V-bac.
Now I realize I could never have done it without Chantell there.

The support she gave me  throughout my pregnancy and at my weakest point, during my labour, is what got me through. She knew how badly I wanted a natural birth and wasn't going to let me give up on my dream! She has alot of tricks up her sleeve to get you through those contractions, my favourite being the double hip squeeze. 

My labour experience was hard and it felt long, but in the end, it was so worth it...  I wouldn't change a thing. 
So much of how it went was due to chantell and how supportive and considerate of me and my wishes she was!  

 I just want to say thank you for being a part of this experience with my family! 
We love you!

Justin and Shelby


We were beyond happy to have Chantell as our doula for the birth of our first child, Rhys.

We took prenatal classes, which let you know what to expect and do during labour to manage the pain, but there's so much more information coming at you throughout your first pregnancy that it is impossible to remember it all.

Chantell checked in frequently during the weeks leading up to the birth, helping us prepare and get clear on our expectations. But more importantly, her support - both physically and emotionally - was invaluable during my labour and birth!

She is caring, knowledgeable, adaptable and has a good sense of humour. We would definitely recommend her as a doula to others!

Maxine Clark

Chantell was amazing!  My husband and I had moved to Alberta about 4 months before I got pregnant. Most of my support was back in Ontario so it was really nice to have Chantell there with me throughout my pregnancy.

When I first met her, she made me feel really comfortable. It was like we had known each other for years. She answered all my questions and I felt a lot more confident and calm about going into labor. She was there for me whenever I needed her and always reassured me everything would be okay!

My son Gavin Bradley was on born on the evening of September 28th 2013. He weighed 7 pounds 4 ounce and 23 inches long. I was so grateful to have Chantell there through this amazing experience. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a Doula.

Thanks for everything Chantell.

Lauren, Marcus and Gavin

I knew as soon as I met you that you were someone I could count on and trust. Your loving and caring personality really shines through which is exactly what I needed from my doula.

 I loved having someone to call during my pregnancy when I was unsure of anything I was feeling. You were always there with reassuring, unbiased and informative advice every time I called.

 Before you arrived at the hospital, my husband and I were a little lost despite all of our preparing for the day. We were both relieved when you arrived to help/save us.  Without you, there is no way I would have been able to have the natural birth I desired.

 I want to thank you so much for supporting us during this time and making Quinn’s birth everything I hoped it would be. I couldn’t imagine having done it without you! I won’t hesitate to call you next time.

Adelle and Kyler Roberge

My goal for my labour was to have it as natural as possible with little to no pain intervention. Looking back at my labour I know that this would not have been possible without Chantell.

I was in labour for 18 hours and Chantell was there for most of it. As soon as she met us in the hospital, her calm presence had an immediate soothing effect on me and her continuous and tireless support was what enabled me to have a natural labor and birth.

Not only was she integral for my peace of mind, but also for my husbands. Having her there allowed him to remain calm which, of course, was very important for me!

 I am eternally grateful for Chantell and I would absolutely recommend her services!!!

Allison and Joshua Abraham

Chantell is one of the kindest, most down to earth woman I have ever met. I specifically chose her because of her wonderful "no pressure" approach to things. I am a bit of a control freak, and so I knew that having a passive personality to calm me down, like Chantell has, would be absolutely ideal.

She was a fabulous support for me and my husband and we are so grateful to have had her as a part of our birth story.  

Tricia and Nathan

Where to begin, Chantell is nothing short of amazing. 
We decided late in our pregnancy that we wanted a doula to help us with the birth of our third child, and first daughter. I'm sure it was a tight squeeze, Chantell had babies due a week before and a week after our due date but she (thankfully) agreed to be our doula!

 With my first two children I had an epidural, and since our daughter is (most likely) our last child, I wanted to be able to experience natural child birth. Knowing how hard it is for my husband to see me in pain, I knew we needed extra support. 

 Throughout the end of our pregnancy and the excruciating 8 days after my due date and the date Miss Cooper was born Chantell was the greatest support. 

 The day we (FINALLY) went into labour, throughout the whole day, Chantell was there for me, be it by phone call or text.

 We didn't actually get admitted into the hospital until about 11pm. Once I text Chantell letting her know I needed her, she was there within half an hour. The pain was like nothing I felt before.  When I was in transition, it literally took over my body.
Chantell was there with us reminding me to breath, rubbing my back or just holding my hand (and reminding my husband I needed water).

 A little over an hour after she arrived, our Beautiful little girl Cooper made her arrival. While it was a very quick labour and delivery there is no way I could have done it without Chantell. Her constant reminders that I could do it and support to my husband and I were invaluable. 

 Once Coop arrived, Chantell stayed with us and took tons of AMAZING photos that I am absolutely in love with. Everything from that point went smoothly, my daughter breastfed like a champ. I know if there were any hitches Chantell would have stayed and saw us through them before going back home to her own beautiful family. 

 About a week later, Chantell came and brought us our birth story and came to visit us and baby Coop. My birth story (and birth experience) is something I will cherish forever. 

My only regret is not seeking out Chantell for my other two children's births. She helped make it a beautiful and natural experience. 

 I can't say enough good things about this woman. She is a beautiful person (inside and out). Laid back, supportive, loving, really just amazing. 

 I've since recommended her to numerous friends and will continue to do so as long as she is a practicing doula. 

 "IF" we have another baby there is no doubt in my mind that my husband will be on one side of me and Chantell on the other welcoming our newest bundle into this world.

 Elizabeth Bennett

We could not be happier about choosing Chantell to be a part of our birth! She was so supportive in so many ways before, during and even after our daughter, Ayla was born.
She always made herself available to us for any questions or concerns and went above and beyond to answer them, it definitely helped me prepare myself for labour!

During the birth she not only supported me, but also supported my fiancé. Without her there, I would not have been able to have my beautiful, natural birth.

The birth story she wrote for us after Ayla was born brought both my fiancé and I to tears, and it is something we will treasure for the rest for our lives.

 Thank you Chantell!

 We hired Chantell for the birth of our second child. We had had a great experience with a doula for the birth of our son and were looking for the same emotional & physical support for the second. I knew the moment I met Chantell that she would make a great support person. Our first meeting felt more like a coffee date with a friend than an interview!

  As we approached our due date, Chantell continued to check in with us to see how things were going. It was great receiving her emails as there was always an encouraging message. Although this was our second birth experience and we had done a lot of research, we still received some great information from Chantell along the way.

  Our last meeting before the big day, Chantell arrived at our house with a whole bag of “tricks”. We had used a birth ball with the previous labour and some different positions, but she had some great ideas, tools and techniques that we weren’t aware of. My previous labour was very long, with long contractions close together. I had been nervous about this labour and the possibility of another long road to delivery, but felt more at ease after this meeting. I felt that we now had lots of options and things to try with regards to pain relief.

  When my water broke and labour stalled three hours later, I was determined to get it going again, but Chantell encouraged me to get some rest, which was exactly what I needed. Little did I know that my husband and I weren’t the only ones that didn’t sleep that night, Chantell was ready if we needed her! 

While we patiently waited the following day, attended an ultrasound appointment, a monitoring appointment and a doctor’s appointment, Chantell was there with encouragement and a reminder that the baby would eventually be in our arms!

 We finally decided to proceed with an induction that night and strong contractions soon followed. We contacted Chantell when we felt we needed her support and she quickly arrived at the hospital and took over for my husband (who was more than willing to have a break). She seemed to know exactly what I needed, when I needed it…her calming voice and encouraging words helped immensely. 

Unfortunately I was eventually confined to the bed while they monitored the baby and in a few hours I made the decision to have an epidural. Although Chantell questioned whether it was what I wanted right now and offered an alternative (getting into the shower), I did not feel any pressure from her to make an alternate decision. Her question was posed in a very supportive way and I felt that she wanted to ensure we gave our best effort before I did turn to the epidural. This was exactly what we had discussed doing in our meetings. 

When we were finally ready to deliver, our attending doctor took the role of coach, instructing me on how and when to push. Chantell was perfect in a supportive role, quietly giving me encouragement and making sure I had water/ice chips when I needed it. Together with the doctor and my husband, we had an exceptional team!

  Chantell made sure to capture some excellent pictures as our son arrived. She knew exactly when to step back and let my husband and I enjoy our first few moments with our new little addition. Once the doctors and nurses left us, Chantell said her goodbyes and promised to touch base with us soon.

  When we had Chantell over a week later, I was so excited to receive and read our birth story. This was something we did not receive with the birth of our first son, and it was such a wonderful way to re-live the experience. We loved that every little detail is on paper so we can look back years from now with Joshua and recall every important moment.

  I cannot say enough good things about Chantell and our experience with her as our doula. We loved the support she provided us before and throughout labour. We would highly recommend her to our dearest friends and family and most definitely will be hiring her again.

Thank you Chantell!


My husband and I weren’t sure about the need for a doula, but after finding Chantell through some research we thought an interview might help us decide.

After meeting Chantell we knew it was something we wanted and never looked back. Chantell was genuine, bright and informed. She graciously answered all of our questions honestly and openly.

During labour Chantell was up through the night with us as we texted questions about dealing with contractions at home and helping us to decide when to go to the hospital.

 She arrived at the hospital as soon as we were admitted. Throughout the 12 hour labour, Chantell never left our side. She provided a constant source of support both physically and emotionally. She eased our anxieties and made us feel comfortable in this new experience.

 While Chantell provided me support through each contraction, she also was a great support to my husband.  She made it possible for him to be supportive for me emotionally while she took care of the physical support. Throughout labour, Chantell listened to us and was our voice when we wanted her to be.  She respected and supported all the decisions we made.

Though the birth ended in some minor complications, Chantell stayed through it all to offer what help she could to us. She stayed long after the delivery until we were comfortable and healthy.

After the birth, Chantell was quick to answer any questions we had and checked in on us several times. The birth story she wrote for us and the photos she took to capture those once in a lifetime moments will be cherished forever. I have recommended Chantell to friends and will continue to do so without hesitation.

  Bonnie and Sean

Chantell proved to be everything we could have hoped for and more in a doula.
Upon meeting her, we instantly liked how she combined her wealth of knowledge and experience with her sweet, easygoing demeanour.

 We later discovered that we had a mutual friend, and it just seemed very serendipitous that we had chosen her to be a part of this most intimate experience.

 In the weeks leading up to Cashton's arrival, she checked in often, and was able to provide a lot of advice and insight to help in preparing us for labour and delivery.

On the day of the big event, Chantell responded to my texts at 4am, and joined us at the hospital at 9am.  Little did we both know that we'd be in for a long day and night ahead.

 I laboured for over 22 hours - all throughout Chantell proved to exude a calming influence and a quiet leadership that made the entire experience so much more bearable.

 Every decision throughout the labour still remained our own, and Chantell supported us in whatever we chose to do - which included opting for an epidural, and then electing to go to c-section after little progress was made following 4 hours of pushing.

Chantell waited outside the OR during the section, and then remained with us for a few hours afterward.  I cannot imagine the post-op without her - she was able to support me through some of the immediate recovery while my husband was with our baby.

 All throughout the experience, Chantell had been taking pictures and recording notes, which we largely didn't notice.  

Days after Cashton was born, she presented us with the pictures, a documented birth story, and an amazing slide show that brings me to tears each time I watch it.  Such a gift to have our son's first moments documented in this way!

Chantell, we can't thank you enough for the invaluable support you provided us as we brought our cherished son into the world!

Laura, Jim and Cashton

From the moment I met Chantell we were a perfect match. My husband and I decided late in our pregnancy (at 8 months) that we wanted to hire a doula for our third child. As this was to be our last child, I wanted to try to have a natural birth.

With my first child, I experienced a lot of complications and with my second child at 10 cm dilated I was given an epidural.

I knew that I was able to have a natural birth but just needed that extra support.

Chantell was a blessing. She was always available for questions and even though this was our third pregnancy we learned a lot from her. There were options we had that we weren't aware of, such as delayed cord clamping, and Chantell was able to provide us with that knowledge.

She always reached out to check in on me if she hadn't heard from me in a few days and whenever I had a doctors appointment she always wanted an update.

She is very easy to get along with, which is a good quality to have, especially in a delivery room with the hospital staff!

I went into labor at 1am and was able to use a lot of the techniques and pointers that Chantell provided.

Finally at 430 am, I knew that it was time to go to the hospital. Chantell arrived very fast (within 10 minutes after we arrived), which was a good thing because I was already 7 cm dilated!

She was a constant support through my contractions. My doctor broke my water and what was suppose to be a quick delivery took a little longer because the baby was posterior.

Since I hadn't had the epidural, the Doctor couldn't reach in and turn the baby so we had to try different positions in the hope that he would turn on his own.

When I had doubts, Chantell was able to reassure me. Just when I thought I couldn't take the pain any longer, she let me know just how close I was.

The baby finally arrived at 8:05 am. I couldn't have had the natural birth that I had wanted without Chantell's help, knowledge and support. She stayed just the right amount of time after the delivery to make sure we were okay with breastfeeding and that he had a good latch since I had issues breastfeeding with my previous children.

She followed up with me once we were home and was even available 2 weeks after when I got mastitis. Overall, Chantell goes above and beyond to help in any way and for that we are most grateful. I would definitely refer Chantell to any woman who is pregnant. 

Melissa  and Phillip Yeats

Chantell is an amazing Doula! Not only did she answer every question I had throughout the whole pregnancy, she answered it with positivity and happiness.

In our meetings before the birth, we felt completely at ease with her presence, and we really looked forward to her attending the birth of our first child.

Chantell came to the hospital to join us as soon as I requested her to. She helped us make informed decisions, and provided labour support all the way through. Those double hip squeezes really helped me through every contraction, and her kind words reminding me to breathe and telling me that I could do it still echo in my head today.

I highly recommend her services to any woman expecting a child.

Thank you so much, Chantell, for being part of the birth of our first child, Clark James. I don't know what we would have done without you there to guide us, support us, and uplift us.

Thank you a million times!

Jessie and Dan Parragh

When my husband and I found out I was pregnant, we were beyond ecstatic…well, ecstatic along with a healthy mix of nervous and overwhelmed. Knowing that we knew nothing about babies or giving birth, this is when we started thinking about hiring a Doula. Going off of a recommendation from a friend, we began our search…only to find out that August was a busy month to have a baby! Luckily, Chantell was happy to meet with us and see if we were going to be a good fit. After hitting it off over a coffee, I knew we were in good hands.

There are so many wonderful ways to describe Chantell, we cannot settle on just one. She is a calming source during pregnancy when all you have is a million questions, and then a million more questions after going to prenatal class. She is knowledgeable and eager to learn more if there is something she doesn’t already know.

Chantell is organized and prepared for anything. She is patient when babies decide to “camp-out” for a few extra days past a due date…or when they decide to make themselves even more comfortable during labour! Her endurance is second to none. We are forever grateful for her physical strength, which provided wonderful massages, as well as her mental strength and cheerleading ability that pushed us through a long labour. From my fuzzy memory, I believe there was a shower head that sprayed water everywhere…it takes a special kind of person who is willing to get sopping wet just so you are as comfortable as you can be during labour.

When our son finally made his way into the world, Chantell was as excited as we were. I do not know how she did it, but she took amazing photos and somehow managed to remember so many details, which she used to write into a beautiful birth story. Both the photos and the story will be forever cherished. After the labour, she was extremely helpful with tips on breastfeeding and reassured us that we were going to be great parents.

We truly do not know how to perfectly describe Chantell, but we know we cannot thank her enough for guiding us through one of the most magical times in our lives.

If we were to have another child, Chantell would be one of the first people to know. We consider her part of our family. She is passionate about what she does as well as open-minded and non-judgmental on your birthing preferences. We highly recommend her to anyone!

Stephanie, Ryan and Archer Emmett

"Spitzenklasse" - this is the word I would choose to describe Chantell's work as a doula. Spitzenklasse is from my native language German and is a sparingly used superlative of awesomeness. For having Chantell as a birth supporter - the word is entirely appropriate.

For the arrival of our first baby, we wanted someone who would be a calm reassurance to us, who knew what was happening, and who had some tricks to help me get through contractions. 

 We met several doulas with a variety of special skills and extra training. All of them were very knowledgeable and wonderful doulas, but we were sure right away that Chantell would be the one.

 From our first meeting on, she was very warm, light hearted, down to earth, and fully supportive of our choices. Best of all: she gave us each a warm hug when we parted and this made the decision for me! I felt comfortable to share the very physical and emotional experience of giving birth with Chantell.

 When the time to give birth finally had arrived, things went a little different than planned. Instead of meeting us at the hospital, Chantell came to our apartment and supported me through my back labor.

 When things progressed much faster than expected, we decided to stay and have our baby at home. Chantell worked with our midwife and with my partner to make our little boy's entrance into this world as perfect as possible. 

I remember squeezing her hand so hard while I was pushing and apologizing for it in between, but she just laughed and said: "That's what I'm here for!"

 Chantell encouraged me throughout labor with kind words, always kept a joyful attitude, and truly made me feel capable and comfortable.  She was there for us before and after birth with advice, information, and open, understanding ears. 

About a week after birth, she presented us with a beautifully written birth story and a slide show of her photos complete with music. We were touched by the care and love she put into giving us this invaluable memory!

We highly recommend Chantell for any expectant couple!

Thea and Terry

I was super excited when I found out my husband and I were expecting. . . . then panic set in!
 I realized I was living in a different country from my family (I am from Texas and have been living in Canada for 3 years) and my husband typically worked at least two hours from home for weeks at a time. I started to realize that me going into labor alone was a very real possibility and I was not okay with that, especially this being my first child. 

I met Chantell and just in speaking with her for a few minutes, knew she was experienced, knowledgeable, calming, and accommodating. I no longer had any anxiety about going into labor alone, which was one big worry off my shoulders. 

Chantell was there to answer questions and suggest things to do to turn Kensington when we found out she was breech at 36 weeks. After scheduling a cesarean, Chantell assured me that no matter how Kensington came into this world, it would be beautiful and perfect. 

Chantell was at the hospital on the day of my cesarean and was also there when they told us that Kensington had turned and we could go home and wait it out. I was devastated to not have a sweet baby in my arms, but Chantell reassured me repeatedly that this was a good thing and that Kensington being able to come in her own time was worth the wait. 

Just over a week later, Chantell began receiving texts from me wondering if I was going into labour. She coached me all day to make sure that I wasn't focusing on contractions and that I wouldn't go to the hospital too early like many first time mothers.

We went to  the hospital at 6:30 that night and Chantell was there very shortly after. This was exactly why I wanted Chantell as my doula. . . she was there via a call, a text, or a drive away no matter what! 

She coached and reassured me throughout the birth and as she promised, it was indeed beautiful. Kensington was born at 11:31 pm.

After taking more pictures and checking on me, Chantell left the hospital in the early morning hours. She also continued to check on me in the weeks following and helped me find a post partum doula when I realized I needed more help in adjusting to my new role as a sleep deprived, head over heels in love with this baby, Mother. 

Throughout the entire experience, Chantell was there to provide whatever was needed whenever it was needed, which was exactly what I needed! 

Thank you Chantell! You have no idea how much comfort and confidence you gave me!

Erin Stelter

hantell was amazing as our doula!

Since it was our first child, we really didn’t know what to expect about the labour experience so we hired her. Chantell was also a great support throughout our entire pregnancy.

She was open and willing to address any questions that I had. She was constantly checking in with us!

 During labor, she was a huge support as part of our hospital team. She was incredibly encouraging and helped with the physical challenges that contractions bring!

She knows just where you might need a little massage or pressure when things get really difficult in the labor and delivery room.

She took photos and wrote a birth story for our son – these things are so meaningful for us!

 I could not recommend her more! She’s the perfect addition to any birth team!  

Heidi, Craig and baby Charley

Chantell was recommended to me by my sister in law.

She was there to answer any questions at any time of day or night. She always responded promptly.

We didn't see each other in person much as I lived 4 hours away for most of the pregnancy, but when it came down to her being at the birth she just fit right in. It was like she was just supposed to be there.

 She was really supportive of me and my birth plan and at the end when I wanted a little intervention she was supportive of that too. She was a big part of the success of my VBAC.

My husband is also grateful, because he felt assured I was okay by her presence and that enabled him to support me while staying strong.

I never saw a look of worry on either face which helped me feel safe during my birth experience.

 It was a hard birth and I never would have done it without good support. Thank you so much Chantell.

Lydia and Tommy

Chantell is such a wonderful, helpful person and I'm so glad she was our doula for our second daughter's arrival!

She gave us lots of tips pre-labour, and was always available to answer my questions and to help manage my concerns.

Her guidance was invaluable in helping us get to the hospital at the "right" time, and she was so supportive during labour and postpartum.

I loved that she took pictures for us and helped record special moments of the experience as well - it's so great to look back on now and it'll be lovely for the future.

Best of all, we were so impressed by how much she genuinely cares about the work that she does, and it shows in the kind and personalized service you receive.

Visits never felt rushed and we were treated as individuals, not "just another couple of clients." She even brought little goodies for our older child, so she didn't feel left out!

Chantell, thank you for everything, you made baby K's birth extra special and memorable and it was a pleasure working with (and getting to know) you!

Amy and Brennan

We were delighted to have Chantell as our doula!  Being new to Edmonton and not having a lot of family around, it was important for me to find a compassionate and gentle labour support person. 

Right away from our first meeting, Chantell exhibited a caring and listening ear to my birthing preferences.  I also really appreciated her no-nonsense approach to doing things and keeping it simple.

During the weeks leading up to my due date, Chantell would send me sweet messages and check in to see how I was doing.  I found her very approachable to talk to. 

Chantell met my husband and I at the hospital soon after we were admitted.  She brought a peaceful presence into the room and was ready to get hands-on with those counter-pressure moves that felt so good!  She tirelessly supported and encouraged me to focus on my breaths, which allowed me to labour naturally as long as I possibly could before baby presented some challenges that led to unplanned but necessary procedures. 

Through it all, Chantell was a constant friend and never waivered from her role as my compassionate birth support.  I couldn't imagine having gone through this experience without her!

I was amazed at the many talents that Chantell brought to the delivery room: labour support, photographer, and birth story writer!  

All I remember was her being right there by my side as I pressed through my contractions.  Yet somehow she managed to also photograph the labour and delivery, and put together the intricate details of my birth story, which she later wrote in a creative format. 
I love that I can go back and read my birth story anytime and share it with others.

Thank you Chantell for your invaluable time and caring services!  It made all the difference in my birth experience. 


Chantell's experience was invaluable both as a emotional anchor for my wife as she was going through labour, and as a helpful guide for me in understanding the process of labour beyond what we had learned in birthing classes. 

The combination of her birth story along with the photos turned out very well, and were not only helpful, but demonstrated her love for her work! 


We decided to go with a Doula shortly before our little boy, Sebastian, was born, and heard about Chantell through a friend. We are so pleased that we did!
From our first meeting, we just clicked, and instead of just finding a birth coach, we found a new friend. 

Chantell was so wonderful and supportive in the run up to the birth, giving us lots to think about in preparation, helping us settle on a birth plan, and giving us tips to get the little man in a good position for birth (even if he didn't want to!). 
She was there to answer any questions or concerns 24/7 over text, and was with us throughout the entire process at the hospital.

She was there for both me and my husband, which was important to us, as all of our family live in other countries.

We could not have done it without her. Thanks for being there Chantell, and for being you!

You helped make Sebastian's birth more wonderful. 

 Love Jeanette, Stuart, Sebastian & Inara xxx

I had heard rave reviews about Chantell from a close friend so naturally, when I became pregnant, I contacted her.

From the moment Chantell and I met, it was easy. Chantell has this calm about her and was very happy to answer my questions about birth and her role as a Doula.

I knew in that short time that she would be a good fit for us. Now the challenging part would be getting my husband on board. He was a bit skeptical of my desire to have a Doula for one reason only: it was unfamiliar to him. Of the many people he knew that had a baby before us, none of them had hired a Doula. He couldn’t understand the purpose or reasoning behind it all.
But, being the supportive man he is, he stood behind my decision to hire Chantell.

As the big day approached, we met with Chantell on two separate occasions at our home. We talked through our expectations/desires for birth and Chantell reviewed some useful birthing positions and pain management techniques that we could use while I was in labour.

These visits helped me get into the mindset that I wanted for labour and birth and made me feel more prepared and at ease with everything that would happen.

We took a one-day prenatal course through the hospital and I couldn’t help but think about how glad I was that we had hired Chantell. The course gave such a brief overview of pain management techniques, birthing positions, etc. and I knew in the moment of labour, I would not remember them on my own. I was right.

When my labour started in the wee hours of the morning, I text Chantell immediately. She responded right away. Throughout my 21 hours of labour/delivery, Chantell was there, either by text/phone or in the room with us. Chantell’s role was invaluable.

Most importantly, Chantell wasn’t pushy. She was there to support but respected our boundaries. When she saw how involved my husband was in coaching me, she became my secondary coach. The one on the side lines whose role was more subtle but equally important.
 She offered words of encouragement to both my husband and I, continued to answer any questions we had about the birthing process, coached me to change positions throughout the day, reminded me to breath, kept me hydrated, updated our family on my progress so my husband didn’t have to leave my side, encouraged my husband to take breaks and provided relief when he did.

She took pictures to document the day and wrote us a beautiful birth story. In the end, my husband was so grateful for Chantell and the support she provided both of us during the birth of our daughter.  For myself, I could not imagine that day without her.

Chantell - Thank you for all of your support and encouragement. You are a truly wonderful person and birth coach. Your passion for what you do is obvious and infectious. It made it so easy to connect with you and helped ease my nerves around childbirth. Klayton and I are so lucky to have shared one of the greatest days of our life with you.

Thank you!
Erica & Klayton

I can't imagine a better way of bringing our wonderful little girl into the world! Chantell was simply the best and Justin and I loved working with her.
She made our natural labour and delivery a very special experience for us and made it stress free for us to follow our birth plan.
You can tell that she has so much passion and love for her job and it makes her such a lovely person to have as a doula. We really can't imagine ever going through labour and delivery without her and she'll be our first call when we decide to add onto our family.

She captured beautiful pictures of heartfelt moments that we will cherish forever and the birth story she wrote brings happy tears to our eyes. 

Simply the absolute best in her profession!

Love, Deanne and Justin

This is our second time hiring Chantell as our Doula. 

She was one of the first people we told that we were expecting again as it was important to have her support.

Once again, she has proven to be a huge asset to the birth that we desired.

Chantell was there for our 2 false labours and showed my husband some ways to help with the contractions until active labour kicked in. She continually checked in and answered my questions for the week before we finally went into "real" labour.

My husband was able to update her on what was going on and when Chantell arrived, she was able to keep me calm through the intense contractions, delivery, and in postpartum.

 I would highly recommend Chantell to anyone looking for a calm, friendly supportive person!


One of the first things I did when I found out I was pregnant was to look for a doula.

 I wanted a natural birth with no interventions or medications, and though I had confidence in my ability to do that if allowed, I doubted I would be able to decline if anything was offered.

I had heard that having a doula reduces interventions, so I looked on the Edmonton doula association website and found Chantell. We got along very well right from the first meeting, and I got much more than that minimum requirement I was looking for!

She helped me through some panicky moments, especially early in pregnancy, and was always very quick to respond (I think the longest was about 10 minutes, and ironically that was when I was telling her I think my water broke!).

During labour I loved her birth ball and especially the incredible relief from the counter pressure when she pushed on my lower back during contractions.

After the birth, her birth story and pictures are amazing treasures. I obviously couldn't watch myself giving birth but it is wonderful to be able to see a bit of how it happened, and to have a birth story to reflect on what happened that night! 

Oh yes... she also did exactly what I hired her for- when I was offered morphine and was too dazed to realize what was happening, she called it to my attention and talked with me about my options and then I did decide to refuse. Without her, I think things could have gone very differently from that point on!

I continued without medication as I had desired, and triumphantly pushed out a beautiful healthy baby boy!

Thank you so much,

Kristen and Wujing


Our experience with Chantell with our first daughter was so perfect that we knew we wouldn’t want to do it without her the next time. 

 She was always there when we needed her during pregnancy, labour and postpartum. She is informative, supportive, reassuring, and much more…Everything a doula should be.  

Chantell is such an amazing and compassionate person. We are blessed to have her in our lives. She has made our child birth experiences more enjoyable and memorable.

We are so grateful to have had her with us during this part of our lives. Thank you and we love you xx  

Adelle, Kyler, Quinn and Brea

During our second pregnancy we were undecided about whether we wanted a doula or not.  We had a doula with our first pregnancy who was recommended to us and she was good but we knew that she wasn't the perfect fit for us.

 At about 35 weeks my anxiety was growing and I decided that I did want a doula, but was fearful I had left it to late.  Not having any other doulas recommended to us, I was concerned about finding one that we could trust.

 I googled doulas in Edmonton and found Defining Moments Doula Services.

 I was impressed with Chantell's website and felt she might be someone we could work with, so I took a chance and messaged her. Luck was with us as she was not yet booked for my due date and she was happy to meet with us.  

I knew from the first meeting that Chantell was going to be a good fit for me and my husband.  She was so friendly and warm and had such a welcoming smile.

  We talked with ease and I felt like I had known her for years.  Our ideals and values about natural births and medical interventions were in line and it was clear she would be so supportive of whatever birth plan I wanted.

I had booked meetings with a couple of other doulas, but after meeting Chantell I cancelled them because I didn't need to look any further, we had found our doula!

Chantell was there supporting me through my entire labour, first through texting when I was asking questions in the early morning and then when we finally went to the hospital.  

She was beside me every step of the way, providing counter pressure to my back during contractions and  offering helpful words of encouragement.  She never took a break and was a rock for both me and my husband.   

After 26 hours of labour I had nothing left and was considering an epidural which was something I had really wanted to avoid.  Chantell's support in my decision to get one helped alleviate my guilt and gave my peace that I had made the right decision for me.  

After the epidural, I finally started to progress and got to 10cm and was able to avoid a C-section, which I was unable to do with my first pregnancy.  

Chantell felt like part of the family and I was so grateful that we had found her.  We are not planning on having any more children, but if we were, we would not be on the fence about getting a doula, we would be calling Chantell as soon as we found out we were pregnant because we wouldn't want to do it without her.

Pam and Tom

Having a doula for the birth of our daughter was by far the best decision we made during our pregnancy.  

Having Chantell as our doula was even better!  

As first time parents, I'm positive the arrival of Victoria Marie would not have been as smooth with out her calming presence and experience in different labouring/birthing positions.

After I got over calling her at 2 in the morning and deciding on the phone that she would wait at home to see if we were admitted in to the hospital - to having her show up minutes after we arrived at the hospital because she could hear it in my voice that this may indeed be the time.

Through the next 4 hours of labour and delivery Chantell was there with us in the shower room, using the yoga ball, the back of the bed and reminding me to breathe through contractions.  

This allowed my husband to be up and holding my hand and being my cheerleader.  She also did an amazing back support hold during the contractions near the end.  The two of them together made everything about labour so much better!  

Without Chantell working with us I'm almost positive that I wouldn't have had my ideal birth with no epidural.  

 As an added bonus, she took some amazing photos of the birth of our daughter, along with Victoria's birth story, which we will cherish for years to come.

 We knew that photos were part of her deliverables - but the moments she captured are priceless!

 Thank you so much Chantell - Liz, Bryan and Victoria.

I cannot say enough about how wonderful Chantell was as our doula!  When I found out I was pregnant I interviewed MANY doulas. I spent around 2 weeks interviewing different people looking for someone. I had never hired a doula before so I wasn't exactly sure what I was looking for...until I met Chantell!

 The doulas I met were all very nice but when I met Chantell I immediately felt like I was talking to a friend. I quickly realized that is what I had been looking for; someone that I felt comfortable asking the most personal questions, and that would make me feel as relaxed as possible when the time came to give birth.  

Chantell was there for me up prior to, during, and after my delivery.  Of course she was amazing the day of delivery and came racing over as soon as I texted her that I needed her. But I think what meant the most to me was having her there if I had any questions leading up to and having her there to encourage and document the day.

 I was expecting for her to be there to help me with pain management (which she definitely did) but what I didn't expect was how much it would mean to me to have her calm, reassuring voice encouraging and making suggestions while I was delivering our son.

Chantell was like an extension of the family during the delivery and my husband and I felt blessed to have her be a part of our special day.

  We will always treasure the birth story and photo slideshow Chantell made for us. Personally, reading my son's birth story as seen through Chantell's eyes was very therapeutic for me afterwards.  It was able to help me see that what I felt was a traumatic experience was actually a very beautiful one, full of love and support.

 Thank you Chantell for being such a wonderfully kind and supportive soul!

Genna, Dave, Winston and Zoey

On my quest to have a natural, drug free labor and delivery with my second baby, I began researching midwives and doulas.  I had arranged meetings with a number of doulas, Chantell being the first. I very quickly cancelled the meetings with the other doulas! 

She instantly made me feel comfortable, it felt as though I had known her forever.  She is honest, kind, compassionate and open.  She is very educated and experienced, a voice of reason and calm; I immediately bonded with her! 

 Chantell made herself available throughout my pregnancy to answer questions, offer re-assurances and provide literature, education and possible outcomes regarding pre-labor, labor and delivery. 

 When Anna decided it was “go-time”, Chantell came to my house upon my request and never left my side.  She remained with us even after the birth to ensure we were settled and comfortable and continued to answer questions and care for us! She also provided her expertise and friendship post-partum. 

 Chantell has an amazing talent for photography!  My husband and I were originally apprehensive about having our labour and delivery photographed but the process was non-intrusive and the photos turned out tasteful and beautiful!! 

 The memories that she captured are priceless!!  We are so thankful and forever grateful for having Chantell on our team! 

Love Stacey and Neal 


 HUGE amazing love and thank you to Chantell!!

When we first found out we were pregnant I was nervous to not have my mom be a part of this experience (she passed when I was 21) with me so we looked into a Doula- great decision!
 Chantell was there for support, education & love!! Crazy that a complete stranger can connect and be with you for the biggest experience of our lives so far.

I loved that she took photos and the birth story after!! There is a lot about the delivery that you forget about! So grateful to have it documented!!

A lot of people think a doula is only if you want natural birth etc- but I did not want a natural birth. It was at a hospital and with an epidural and she supported it all.

She was amazing with my doctors and nurses as well. She kept educating me on what was "next" or certain things they were doing and why.

My Nurses, Doctor and hospital were great as well but Chantell was just the perfect cherry on top with the love and support for me as well as my husband. Her there to help him helped me!
 I can never express enough gratitude!! So so much love!

Thank you! 
Brittany and Clayton


We hired Chantell for the birth of our second son in 2014. We had such an awesome experience that she was one of the first people I told when I discovered that I was pregnant with our third child.

Seeing we had been through two previous births, I felt well informed & knew what to expect...we just really wanted a support person to help us through the delivery again.

 I didn't really expect to be in contact a lot with Chantell until the big day arrived.   Unfortunately, during my 20 week ultrasound, an abnormality with our baby's heart was found. A week later it was confirmed that she had a very serious and rare heart defect. There was also a strong link to a chromosome disorder.

We were devastated and overwhelmed with the information and the decisions we had to make. I again confided in Chantell. In those first few weeks there was a lot of information, emotion & uncertainty. We didn't feel comfortable telling a lot of people until we were certain of what we were dealing with.

Chantell was an amazing support & positive force during this difficult time. 

During meetings with the specialists, we were told that the baby would be transported to the Stollery immediately after birth. It was unlikely that we would be able to delay cord clamping, do immediate skin to skin or even hold the baby prior to transport...and we could even expect the baby to arrive blue and possibly experiencing heart failure.

We mourned the beautiful experiences we had had with our first two deliveries, but were hopeful for the best possible outcome. Chantell was very receptive when we explained our new delivery plans & discussed what our plan would be if the worst case scenario should happen.

Due to gestation diabetes, I was induced two days before my due date. Unfortunately the induction took some time to kick in, so we were in contact with Chantell for at least 36 hours before I was actually in labour. She was always positive, giving me encouragement and reminding me to rest as much as I could. 

Due to all of the ultrasounds we had during pregnancy, we knew the baby was going to be on the larger side. My OB assured me, this was my third baby and shouldn't be any trouble!  After two hours of pushing, I was absolutely exhausted and deflated...with every push I could see the baby move down and then slide right back up again. I  was also having a hard time catching my breath and oxygen wasn't helping.

The nurse kept encouraging me to push with every contraction, but at this point Chantell knew I had given it my all. She had asked the nurse to kindly page the OB, but when he didn't arrive...she calmly asked again. We are so thankful for her persistence at this point. She knew me well enough to know that I needed help...this baby wasn't coming out on her own! 


Eventually our 8lb 12oz baby girl was delivered with the help of forceps. She came out perfectly pink, screaming and absolutely beautiful! She was whisked away to the next room for assessment. As I caught my breath, Chantell and my husband took turns running back and forth between the rooms, snapping pictures of her and sharing them with me. We couldn't believe how healthy she looked. We were elated!

As I looked at my husband and Chantell, I noticed they both had tears in their eyes. It was then that I realized how close Chantell had felt to our little miracle. She had shared the difficult journey along with us & now we were all revelling in the amazing outcome. 

 I had asked Chantell earlier if she would consider staying a little longer after the delivery until I was able to get into a room. My husband and I both wanted him to follow the ambulance to the Stollery and I was nervous about being left alone immediately after. It was an incredibly difficult and vulnerable time. I was feeling completely exhausted, emotional and very overwhelmed with the situation.

She took incredible care of me during this time, making sure I ate something, helped me get into the bathroom and get into a gown and then into a room. I am so grateful for her compassion, care-taking and concern.

My husband was able to spend those first few hours with our daughter, knowing that I was in good hands. 

During the next few weeks, Chantell was in contact with me, checking in on how we were all doing. We eventually met for coffee when our daughter was released from the hospital. It was so wonderful to read our birth story, reminisce about that day and the wonderful outcome. I especially loved our photos that Chantell captured for us. We look back at them often!  

I couldn't say enough great things about Chantell after the birth of our son, but this experience obviously deepened our love for a pretty amazing person!

This birth experience was a very difficult one. There were unique circumstances t
o work around and a very real possibility that the delivery could end tragically.

Chantell was not only positive and supportive of our decisions, she showed true compassion for what we were going through. She didn't shy away from some of the scary scenarios that we needed to discuss and she was exactly what I needed during a very difficult time.   

We love you Chantell and can't imagine our birth story without you in it!

Kristi, Dwayne & Isabella Bateman 

Having a Type A personality and anxiety, I'd spent hours scouring reviews and recommendations for doulas.

All of our family is back in BC and I knew my significant other and I could both benefit from some additional support. When I came across Chantell’s webpage, I literally read every testimonial in one afternoon, crying my face off. I frantically messaged her to see if she was available for my due date. Hallelujah! She was!

From the moment we met Chantell, I knew she was the one. It sounds cliché, but it's true! From our first meeting I immediately felt at ease. She was very personable, organized, knowledgeable and clearly very passionate about what she does. Although she told us to take a few days to get back to her, we knew by the time we returned to the car we were going to hire her.

During my pregnancy, she was consistently there for me. She was very prompt in returning my texts and was always patient with my questions. She respected me as a human and supported my wishes/game plan for an all-natural birth with no drugs or interventions.

We had just moved into our first home on a Sunday and we found out at our 38 week appointment on Tuesday that the baby was actually breech and I was 2cm dilated. Chantell came over than night to discuss the breech baby situation and we came up with a bit of a game plan on how to approach labour in two weeks’ time. Baby however had other plans.

I went into labour in the wee hours of the next morning. Chantell met us at the hospital and I was already 7cm dilated. She helped coach us through the first few hours, drug free, as I was adamant I didn't want anything.

When we found out the baby was frank breech the doctors and nurses really pushed for a C-section, but that's not what I wanted. In the moment of an intense contraction trying to decide what to do was incredibly difficult. I conceded on having an epidural so I could birth my baby on my own and avoid a C-section.

Chantell was still a major support despite the fact that my pain was being managed by the epidural. Not once did she question me or make me feel disappointed for choosing the pain medication.

There was still the mental hurdle of birthing my baby backwards and folded in half. In the OR Chantell was there with words of encouragement, coaching me through. I kept my eyes closed basically the entire time as I was focused and determined to get my baby out quickly and safely, but I could hear her.

Our baby came out with the cord wrapped around her neck twice and they whisked her away. Chantell went with the baby and Travis stayed with me. We finally heard the baby cry and I was flooded with emotions when Chantell came back and told us it was a little girl and she was perfectly fine and healthy.

 My heart melted when they put Sophia on my chest for the first time. I am so thankful Chantell was there, taking pictures and capturing those moments that I will cherish forever.

 It's something I thought I didn't care about or want... Turns out,  they're some of my favourite memories now.

Having her support and care made the world of difference as a first time mom. Not only did she support me in the hospital, she also kept in touch afterwards and came to visit and helped me figure out some stuff at home too.

 I cannot express how she has impacted our lives and I would choose to hire her again in a heartbeat! 

Rikki Whalley

There aren't enough amazing words to describe Chantell!

I knew that I wanted a doula with us during our delivery, and after meeting Chantell, we knew immediately that she was the one! 

My husband was initially sceptical about including someone else in our birthing process, however, Chantell explained very clearly what her role would be, and my husband felt very at ease with her. 

 Chantell has a very calming presence. She physically supported me, rubbed my back, applied counter pressure and gave me water through the labour. This was incredibly helpful.

She emotionally and mentally supported myself and my husband and intuitively knows what you need and what will work.

She knew what to say to me to keep me going, and she knew how to support my husband when things felt like they were going sideways.

She also kindly humours you when the medication in the epidural makes you somewhat drunkenly ramble on… and on and on!!

 Chantell is a wealth of knowledge. Leading up to our birth she answered questions, checked in with us, and kept things calm, normalizing the process, and doing so with a good sense of humour!

When complications arose during the labour process, she explained things quickly, efficiently and without bias. She keeps you focused and motivated, and always has your best interest in the forefront. 

 Chantell is professional, personable, and beautiful, inside and out. We feel such gratitude to her for helping us navigate the birth of our son.

We have said over and over that things would have been very different if she wasn't there. We are forever grateful for her. 

 David, Jessica and Remington

My husband and I are truly grateful for Chantell.

While we hoped and planned for a natural birth, things didn't quite work out according to the birth plan!

Our delivery was not easy and Chantell was there every step of the way to provide comfort, reassurance, advocacy and information when we needed it most.

When I began looking for a doula, I only expected support during labour, but Chantell provided so much more than this.

Chantell diligently recorded notes and took pictures during the birth of our son, providing us with the gift of lasting memory of such a huge moment in our lives.
She even came for a visit after our son was born and checked in periodically through text messages.

I would highly recommend Chantell to anyone looking for a doula who goes above and beyond the call of duty and who so clearly loves her job.

She is truly a person anyone would be lucky to have in their corner!
Thank you Chantell for being there for us every step of the way. 

 Lindsey, Matt and Harvey 

I knew I really wanted an entirely natural birth, and started looking online at stats and how other people were able to cope.

 I began to think I could do it with no epidural because I had a background as an endurance athlete.  All said and done, my sports experience helped, but Chantell’s skills were more useful in helping me reach my goal of a drug free birth.

  On our first meet with Chantell, I was impressed with her organizational skills and professionalism.  She is educated, articulate, and only gave me the resources and documents that I actually needed.

 Chantell was instrumental during the birth.  She was lazer-beam responsive to my needs and I felt protected and supported. 

That woman can move! I relied heavily on her counter pressure and trusty heat packs.  In her bag of birthing aids, items I would have never imagined using helped get me through the transition period. 

 Chantell blended in seamlessly with the team of medical staff.  Through my contractions, she worked with my husband like a well oiled machine.  

Don’t let me forget the slideshow! Chantell has a great camera and took an amazing variety of pictures.  She put it together in a presentation with music that made my parents and in-laws tear up as they reminisced about when their kids were born.

 I could go on and on, but I want to keep Chantell’s aptitudes on the down low since I need to keep her all to myself for the rest of my births. 

 But really, you will see, Chantell is fulfilling a calling and is an outstanding ambassador to the profession. 

Krystyn and Lee Maskell

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