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 Chantell Simmons CD(Dona) BA

am a stay at home mom to three wonderfully busy boys, all bor
n naturally at the Sturgeon Hospital.

Family means everything to me! I have an 18 year old in his first year of Engineering, an 11 year old whose obsessed with all things hockey and an 8 year old who aspires to be the next Bruno Mars.

I have a degree in psychology and worked in corrections for the ten years prior to my second son's birth. In August of 2008, we happily welcomed baby boy number three into our family.

 With times as they are, I was determined to stay home with my boys, and still help provide for my family doing something I loved. 

I have always felt that pregnancy and birth were among life's most amazing endeavours. In 2009, I completed the appropriate courses to become a doula and attended my first birth shortly thereafter... I was hooked!

As a doula, I have provided support to couples as well as single moms a
nd have attended both home and hospital births.

 I have experience with several different birth scenarios including twins, high risk pregnancies and breach deliveries.

Each birth I attend is equally amazing and I am absolutely
to be a part of it.

The support a doula can provide is invaluable.  Knowledge is power. The more we know about labour and delivery, the better prepared we are to cope with it.

Doula support has been proven to reduce the need for interventions, including caesareans, and increases maternal satisfaction

A doula is a constant presence throughout pregnancy, labour and delivery, allowing for a greater comfort level for both mother and partner.

I do not replace the partner, but rather work together to help the birth experience be as comfortable and fulfilling for him or her as it is for the labouring

Birth is a beautiful experience... I am so proud to be part of this amazing profession.

Love at First Sight...


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